Bowls Continue To Wow Our Guests

Bowls are highly popular in many restaurants because they are flavourful, satisfying and nutritious.  In our cafés, a complete bowl includes a whole grain with a veggie base, topped with fresh vegetables or fruit, and guests have a choice of protein and a drizzle of sauce or dressing.  Bowls showcase a variety of dynamic colours that look beautiful and visually engage the eyes creating the WOW factor, and we all know we “eat with our eyes” first.

In bowls, plants are the star, so we encourage all Chefs to let them shine by changing the ingredients and flavour profile to showcase local seasonal vegetables and global flavours each season while adding scratch prepared choices that appeal to all guest preferences.

Bowls give guests the ability to personalize their meal and they also give our culinary teams the opportunity to be creative while controlling food costs by using expensive ingredients as a topping or garnish rather than the main ingredient in the centre of a plate.

Looking for a BOWL recipe that you can try in our café, or at home?

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  • The Seedsation Bowl – great as either a Breakfast or Snack Bowl
  • A POKE or a Deconstructed Sushi Bowl
  • A Shawarma Spice Bowl