Our Company

Marek Hospitality Inc. is proudly Canadian with a culture rooted in culinary excellence. We have more than 1600 employees in over 159 accounts, and are proud to be known as the preferred partner of choice for clients across Canada who truly value exceptional food quality and service.

Dana owns Marek Hospitality Inc., which operates in the larger public and institutional sectors where clients appreciate the benefits of our healthy, fresh, on-site culinary culture and where there is a benefit to operating with a strong union partner.

We specialize in preparing meals from scratch for private schools, universities and colleges, retail healthcare, resort, leisure and recreation venues, and corporations of all size. We are an authentic Canadian alternative to the international food service conglomerates and self-operation.

Our business arrangements are for on-site corporate food service programs, retail-style cafés, education residence dining and student meal plans, catering services scaled to every size event, national branded franchise operations and facility design, capital planning and project management.

Transform the Food Service Experience. Every Day.

These are more than just words to us. Our Brand Belief is the foundation for how we behave in every part of our business. By transforming your food service experience every day, we customize your program to reflect your vision, culture and identity. When guests visit the Marek café, we want them to recognize our brand by how we behave. How we create, relate and innovate demonstrates how we will deliver our brand promise to you.

We believe high quality ingredients are integral to great food preparation and presentation. That’s why we source them from local Canadian producers, greenhouse growers and dedicated farmers who meet our high standards. Our brand values are rooted in a culture of culinary freedom, which empowers our team to use the freshest ingredients and cook great meals from scratch, not from pre-made packaged goods or cans. Our blend of local sourcing, culinary craftsmanship, and inherently healthy menu choices gives our guests confidence in choosing their unique, daily meal selections.

Our Chef’s just can’t help but inspire our guests with food that’s worth staying for.

Our Unique Approach

Marek is unlike any other food service provider in the Canadian marketplace. Creating and serving food that we prepare from scratch, using fresh ingredients we source from Canadian farms and suppliers has always been our singular passion.