Our Company

We are proudly Canadian with a culture rooted in culinary excellence. We have more than one thousand employees in over one hundred locations, working together to create exceptional culinary experiences – one meal at a time.

Marek Hospitality Inc. began in 1996 and is the Retail Healthcare operation of Canadian-owned Dana Hospitality LP. Marek Hospitality has grown to include a catering company – Jewell Catering and Morningstar Hospitality – a majority Aboriginal-Owned food services company. We specialize in preparing meals from scratch for retail healthcare, colleges, universities, recreational, leisure venues, and corporations of all size. We are an authentic Canadian alternative to the international food service conglomerates and self-operations.

Our business arrangements are for on-site corporate food service programs, retail-style cafés, education residence dining and student meal plans, catering services for any size event, national branded franchise operations and facility design, capital planning, and project management.

But no matter how much we grow, we maintain our focus on creating a distinctive food experience, made from scratch with fresh local ingredients – every day.


Our Team

Passion for food sets us apart. Our culinary teams are empowered with the freedom to create, and customize, unique food service experiences. The excitement our employees feel about their work results from a dedication to service, and a drive towards excellence. Our Chefs thrive in an environment that allows them to ‘go back to their roots’ with cooking that is made from scratch, naturally. The enthusiasm is contagious.

Our employees are committed, innovative, and strive to provide every customer with an authentic and personalized food services experience that will exceed everyone’s expectations.


Our Guests

Our guests are the reason we exist. Our Chefs take the time to listen to all of our guests to ensure each customized experience meets their needs. Providing affordable, healthy, and diverse menu options are critical to a world-class dining experience.

Retail Healthcare Food Services

Marek Hospitality Inc., provides retail food service management for healthcare clients who value fresh, local, and healthy on-site culinary fare combined with branded partner concepts.

Corporate Dining

Being a Chef-driven organization makes us a food service provider unlike any other. Our long-term partnership approach is highly valued by clients who truly appreciate the quality only fresh, seasonal ingredients can provide. Marek earned the business of many of Canada’s top 100 global leaders by consistently exceeding their food services expectations, and we want to continue proving ourselves - one meal at a time.

Higher Education Dining

Our college and university clients value our strong culinary focus, client specific programs, transparency, integrity and our responsive management style. We are not restricted by traditional thinking. We explore new ideas, take calculated risks, and always challenge ourselves.

In a very competitive environment, we have the expertise to help differentiate your reputation for food quality from all other post-secondary institutions. Let our brand belief elevate your food service offering so it reflects the prestige of your school’s reputation.

Independent School Dining

We understand that students today are far more connected and informed regarding healthy living than they ever have been before. We have extensive knowledge with sophisticated menu planning to address special diets, food trends, and nutritional requirements - and use technology to empower guests to make informed decisions.

We bring a unique perspective and elevate student dining with the use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and catering services that support fundraising activities, parent events, student celebrations, and grand alumni fundraisers.


We provide a number of services designed to satisfy all of our clients’ food service needs.

In-House Catering & Event Planning

Everything from a barbeque for 300-3000 people, to a working dinner for the Board of Directors, our clients use our extensive corporate services. You’ll have full access to our online catering menus, order forms, and pricing models, plus outside services such as linens, tents, and floral arrangements. At Dana, we have everything you will need to organize and execute the perfect event.

In-house Vending

Dana offers 24/7 food and beverage services using contemporary, state-of-the-art vending. Being an on-site provider means our made-from-scratch, nutritious philosophy carries through into our vending services. “Fresh Vending” takes on a whole new meaning when your program includes a balance of somewhat salty, savoury and healthy snacking options.

Branded Concepts

As a Canadian company, we are connected to some of the top brands in the country. Incorporating high value companies, such as Tim Horton’s, into your business helps to develop, and increase, the value of your café and helps ensure on-site enjoyment.

Facility Planning and Design

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, an expansion, or just looking to get food services for the first time, Dana’s planning and design services team will make your vision a reality. Our experts will familiarize themselves with your business, and design a facility that reflects both the values and culture of your brand. As specialists in food services, we understand what it takes to create an efficient kitchen design, with a retail-style presentation, that will ensure success.


frescoServe is a Marek Hospitality proprietary food service program that adds “fresh” to the patient menu affordably. Marek Hospitality’s approach to retail healthcare food services is to provide fresh, made from scratch, chef created food experiences. We use local ingredients cooked just ahead of service for optimal flavour and nutrition. Let us show you how frescoServe™ can enhance your patient meal experience.


Marek Gives Back

Our ongoing dedication to social responsibility supports local charities and gives back to the communities we serve. Two of the organizations we support annually are DAREarts and Friends of We Care. During the September 2017, Smile Cookie campaign, our teams from several of the Tim Horton’s locations we operate helped raise $4,658 for each of these two charities.


DAREarts is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that uses the arts to empower at-risk kids to become leaders. Founded in 1996 by teacher and musician Marilyn Field, over 190,000 children from underserved communities have been engaged. www.darearts.com.



Our sister company, Marek Hospitality Inc., provides retail food service management for healthcare clients who value fresh, local, and healthy on-site culinary fare combined with branded partner concepts.

Friends of We Care, is a network of organizations from the Food Service and Hospitality Industry united by a common goal of bringing joy to kids with disabilities by sending Canadian children to specialized Easter Seals summer camps. http://friendsofwecare.org

Please consider helping sponsor our latest initiative: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/startup.aspx?eventid=227230&langpref=en-CA